15.8.5. Manage Notification Groups

The Manage Notification Groups panels lets you create and manage the notification groups used when different notifications and warnings are distributed.

Figure 15.34. MySQL Enterprise Dashboard: Manage Notification Groups

MySQL Enterprise Dashboard: Manage Notification

Notification groups are collections of users who should be notified when advisor alerts occur. These users may have login credentials for the Dashboard but this is not a requirement.

You can create a group by clicking the create group link. Specify a group name and add recipients. When adding a user an email address must be specified. If you are adding multiple users separate them with commas.

To modify an existing notification group, select the edit link next to the group name. Deleting a group simply requires clicking the delete link.

Figure 15.35. MySQL Enterprise Dashboard: Edit Notification Group

MySQL Enterprise Dashboard: Edit Notification

If a rule triggers an alarm, an email is sent to the members of the notification group specified when the rule was scheduled. For more information about scheduling rules see Section 15.10.2, “Scheduling Rules”.

You can set the subject line of the email that is sent by editing the Subject Line field. You can insert the alarm level using the string {0}, the rule name that was triggered using {1}, and the server name that triggered it using {2}.

You can optionally set the emails that are generated when the notification occurs to be limited to the size of an SMS message. You can then use a notification group email address that forwards to an SMS service so that you can get notification on your phone with an SMS service. Selecting the checkbox next to SMS only changes the length and format of the message that is sent to be compatible with the SMS size limits.

You can also optionally select a notification group to be used when sending critical error messages (such as MySQL Enterprise Agent or MySQL Enterprise Service Manager failures) by selecting the checkbox next to MEM Admin.


Ensure that there is a mail server available for sending out alerts, and that there is an account configured for receiving any alerts that are created. For SMS messages, you must configure an email address with a third-party service that forwards the notification emails to an SMS number. SMS sending functionality is not provided in MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

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