Data Dump tab

The Import/Export Server Data tab enables you to create a dump file, or restore data from a dump file. Clicking the Import/Export Server Data action item launches a new Admin screen, at the Data Dump tab.

Within the Data Dump tab are three further tabbed windows:

  • Export to Disk

  • Import from Disk

  • Advanced Options Export to Disk

This tab enables you to select the schema and tables you wish to export. You also have the option to export tables to their own files, or all tables to a single file. Exporting tables to individual files enables you to restore on a per-table basis.

Figure 16.91. Administrator - Export to Disk

Administrator - Export to Disk Import from Disk

This tab enables you to import a previously exported project. You can select to import a project where tables were stored in individual files, in which case you will also be able to select which of these tables you wish to import. You can also simply import a project saved to a single file.

Figure 16.92. Administrator - Import from Disk

Administrator - Import from
              Disk Advanced Options

This contains a number of options to allow you to control the export process. These options control the SQL generated.

Figure 16.93. Administrator - Advanced Options

Administrator - Advanced
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