The Toolbar

The MySQL Workbench toolbar is found immediately below the menu bar. The following tools always appear on the toolbar:

  • The new document icon: Click this icon to create a new document

  • The folder icon: Click this icon to open a MySQL Workbench file (MWB)

  • The save icon: Click this icon to save the current MySQL Workbench project

  • The right and left arrows: Click the left arrow to perform an “Undo” operation. Click the right arrow to perform a “Redo” operation.

Other tools appear on the toolbar depending upon the context.

When an EER diagram canvas is selected, the following icons appear to the right of the arrow icons:

  • The toggle grid icon: Used for turning the grid on and off

  • The grid icon: Used for aligning objects on the canvas with the grid Tool-specific Toolbar Items

The toolbar also changes depending upon which tool from the vertical toolbar is active. These tools are discussed in Section, “The Vertical Toolbar”.

If the Table tool is active, drop down list boxes of schemata, engine types and collations appear on the toolbar. The table properties can then be modified using the Properties Editor.

When an object is selected the object's properties, such as color, can be changed in the Properties Editor.

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