Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

AMQP_DURABLE (integer)
Durable exchanges and queues will survive a broker restart, complete with all of their data.
AMQP_PASSIVE (integer)
Passive exchanges are queues will not be redeclared, but the broker will throw an error if the exchange or queue does not exist.
Valid for queues only, this flag indicates that only one client can be listening to and consuming from this queue.
For exchanges, the auto delete flag indicates that the exchange will be deleted as soon as no more queues are bound to it. If no queues were ever bound the exchange, the exchange will never be deleted. For queues, the auto delete flag indicates that the queue will be deleted as soon as there are no more listeners subscribed to it. If no subscription has ever been active, the queue will never be deleted. Note: Exclusive queues will always be automatically deleted with the client disconnects.
Clients are not allowed to make specific queue bindings to exchanges defined with this flag.
AMQP_NOLOCAL (integer)
When passed to the consume method for a clustered environment, do not consume from the local node.
AMQP_NOACK (integer)
When passed to the consumer method, the messages will not be marked as delivered.
AMQP_IFEMPTY (integer)
Passed on queue creation, this flag indicates that the queue should be deleted if it becomes empty.
Passed on queue or exchange creation, this flag indicates that the queue or exchange should be deleted when no clients are connected to the given queue or exchange.
When publishing a message, the message must be routed to a valid queue. If it is not, an error will be returned.
When publishing a message, mark this message for immediate processing by the broker. (High priority message.)
A direct exchange type.
A fanout exchange type.
A topic exchange type.
A header exchange type.

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