Grouping Servers

To help with server management, the Service Manager lets you group servers in any fashion you choose. For example, you can manage servers according to purpose. For example, you might group servers by whether the servers handle Internet or intranet data, by whether they power finance or HR applications, or by physical location.

All monitored servers are automatically included in the top level server grouping, All Servers. Other server groupings are replication groups or user-defined groups.

You can create a user-defined group by clicking the Manage Servers link. Add a group name and then click the create group button. The new group is displayed immediately.

Replication groups are automatically discovered by MySQL Enterprise Monitor and in this respect differ from user-defined groups. For more information about replication groups see Section 15.14, “The Replication Tab”. However, like user-defined groups you can edit the name of a replication group and add other servers to it.

To add to a group, select the add to group link. Choose the server or servers you wish to add and then complete the operation by choosing the add to group button. You can add a server to a group even if the agent is down.

To remove a server from a group expand the server group tree and click the remove from group link. To delete a server altogether see Section, “Removing a Server From the Dashboard”.


Slaves removed from a replication group are rediscovered and re-added to that group.

To delete an group, you can use the Delete Group link. This deletes the group and removes the servers from the deleted group.


You cannot delete automatically created groups, such as those built during replication discovery, unless the group is empty. If the group is not empty, you get a error.

There are three ways to modify an existing group; by renaming it, adding to it, or removing it. Select the rename link to change the name of a group and add to group to add servers. Deleting a group simply requires clicking the remove all from group link. This removes the server group but has no effect on individual servers.

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