16.6.5. Model Editor

When the Model Editor is executed from the Home Screen, the MySQL Model page is displayed. The MySQL Model page has three main panels: Description Editor, User Types List/History panel, and the main panel - the Model Overview panel. The Description Editor and User Types List/History panel are contained within the Sidebar. The Sidebar is located on the left by default, but can be relocated to the right using a setting in the Workbench Preferences dialog.

Figure 16.38. The MySQL Model page

The MySQL Model page

The sections within the Model Overview panel are:

  • EER Diagrams

  • Physical Schemata

  • Schema Privileges

  • SQL Scripts

  • Model Notes

For each of these sections objects can be added to a project by clicking the appropriate add object icon. You may also rename, edit, cut, copy, or delete objects on this page by right-clicking. Doing this opens a pop-up menu.

The sections within the MySQL Model page are discussed in the following sections.

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